Making the Connection was the work of many hands, and the Associated Colleges of the South would like to thank all who contributed to the drafting, review, and publication of this booklet. The articles that appear in this volume resulted from a call for case studies in digital collaboration, blended learning, and the liberal arts issued jointly by the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) and the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) in January 2014. The full collection of case studies developed in response to this call was published in Transformations, an e-journal available through NITLE’s Academic Commons website. We are very grateful to NITLE for their support in issuing the call, coordinating the open peer review process, and providing a platform through which these important and timely studies might reach a wide community of practice. We appreciate the many contributions of Michael Nanfito, Georgianne Hewett, and Arden Treviño, and we are deeply indebted to Grace Y. Pang (Program Officer and Editor of Transformations) for the extraordinary vision and effort she put into the editorial process. We would also like to thank the members of the Transformations editorial board—Bob Johnson (Rhodes College); Andrea Nixon (Carleton College); John Ottenhoff (College of Idaho); and Michael Roy (Middlebury College)—for their guidance in shaping the special issue in which these case studies appeared. The case studies were originally published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license, and are reprinted here with permission from their authors.

Thanks, too, to the authors and peer reviewers who contributed much time and effort to the contents of this volume. Our authors, whose innovative teaching is so clearly demonstrated in the following case studies, include Tami Blumenfield (Furman University); Susanna Boylston (Davidson College); Beth Chancy (University of Richmond); Suzanne W. Churchill (Davidson College); Emy Nelson Decker (Atlanta University Center, Robert. W. Woodruff Library); Gabriele Dillmann (Denison University); Kristen Eshleman (Davidson College); Ryan Fowler (Center for Hellenic Studies); Jana Mathews (Rollins College); Anne Meehan (Rollins College); Kristina A. Meinking (Elon University); Kenny Morrell (Rhodes College); Norman Sandridge (Howard University); Diana Stantcheva (American University in Bulgaria); and Bryce Walker (Sweet Briar College). The peer reviewers who helped shape these case studies with their insight and reflections include Diane Boyd (Furman University); Bryan Bibb (Furman University); Lisa Gates (Middlebury College); Aline Germain-Rutherford (Middlebury College); Anna Lohaus (Rollins College); Stacy Pennington (Rhodes College); Carrie Schulz (Rollins College); Kathryn Tomasek (Wheaton College); and Mike Winiski (Furman College).

A number of readers helped to improve this volume by providing feedback during the drafting process. We are grateful to Kristi Burch (Centre College); Sean Connin (Trinity University), David Hinson (Hendrix College), Melanie Hoag (Southwestern University), Tim Lepczyk (Hendrix College), and Melanie Styers (Birmingham-Southern College) for their thoughtful responses and suggestions.

Finally, we would like to express our deep appreciation to the Teagle Foundation, whose generous support helped bring this volume to fruition.


Making the Connection Copyright © 2014 by Associated Colleges of the South. All Rights Reserved.


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